GIANT Waterless Concrete Petroleum Stain Removal

GIANT Concrete Petroleum Stain Removal begins with Patco’s breakthrough waterless stain remover ReKRETE. Applied by our seasoned professionals ReKRETE has less downtime associated with its application than traditional cleaning processes. ReKRETE is environmentally friendly with no wastewater to pollute the surrounding areas and posing no harm to humans, aquatic, and insect life. GIANT takes pride in restoring all of your surfaces. Call us today for your free estimate.

GIANT Petroleum Stain Removal

Problem Areas

Stubborn Stains? No problem. GIANT can pretreat with Patco’s CAAPS. CAAPS Bio-Active Concrete Cleaner is a powder used with water that’s designed to target stubborn petroleum stains and food grease. CAAPS is only for concrete stains that are very difficult to remove.

Service Area

We are a Certified Applicator of Patco Products. GIANT currently only offers Waterless Concrete Petroleum Stain Removal in our home state of Illinois (IL.) We have a mobilization fee for jobs outside a 40 mile radius of Mundelein, IL.