Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

GIANT offers 24 hour graffiti removal and abatement service seven days a week, when weather permits. We combine the safest equipment with ecologically friendly cleaners to establish effective and cost efficient systems to remove graffiti from many different types of surfaces. The graffiti removal products that GIANT uses removes graffiti and foreign stains without damaging surfaces. The products are E.P.A. approved and bio-degradable. Unlike sandblasting, this system leaves no permanent marks.

Graffiti Removal Examples

Graffiti Shielding Program

In addition to 24 hour graffiti removal services GIANT offers a full line of graffiti shields. From permanent shields to sacrificial blocks. These products were developed to slow down and in some cases stop the further migration of the graffiti into the surfaces. This process is highly recommended to property owners that have been “tagged” multiple times.

Distributor’s of Motsenbockers Indoor Graffiti Removal

Giant Maintenance & Restoration are proud distributors of Motsenbockers environmentally friendly product line. We now distribute the product through our existing customer base. The interior graffiti removal products for lockers, bathroom stalls, benches, etc., will be a great complement to all our clients including Schools, Park Departments, and Municipalities.

GIANT currently offers Graffiti Removal and Abatement Services in our home state of Illinois (IL). GIANT is continually growing and is willing to travel when needed. We do have a $350 minimum charge plus a mobilization fee for jobs outside a 40 mile radius of Mundelein, IL.